Protect Your Fuzzy Friends From Harm

With our pet first aid training courses in Milwaukie, OR & The Portland Area

Our pets are our family, so we should do everything we can to keep them safe. Emergency Response Training Services provides pet first aid training courses for the Milwaukie, OR community. Whether you are a loving pet owner or work in the pet industry, we can teach anyone and everyone. You'll have peace of mind when you know how to help your beloved animal during an emergency.

Are you a vet tech and need your pet CPR training renewed? Call 503-351-4385 today to book one of our courses.

We will cover all the basics

Let's face it - pets love putting things in their mouth. And knowing basic first aid can be critical in saving the life of your pet. That's why we officially recommend every pet owner to be trained at least once. During our pet first aid training classes, we'll go over topics like:

  • How to perform CPR on an animal
  • What to do when your pet is choking
  • How to stop severe bleeding

These skills will be invaluable in helping your pet until you can get them to a licensed vet. Book our pet CPR training courses today when you get in touch with our instructors.