Seek Proper Shelter When an Earthquake Hits

Schedule our earthquake safety course in Milwaukie, OR & The Portland Area

Living in Milwaukie, OR means living in a high-risk earthquake zone. Therefore, it's best to stay informed on the best ways to protect yourself. Emergency Response Training Services can teach you the proper ways to seek shelter during our earthquake safety courses. We can also make sure you know how to identify vulnerable areas in your home or office so you can avoid them if an earthquake hits.

Our earthquake training for businesses can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Reach out to our instructors today by calling 503-351-4385 to schedule our classes.

3 steps to take in the event of an earthquake

A natural response to an earthquake is to panic and protect your valuables. But this could endanger yourself and the people around you. Our earthquake safety courses can teach you the best methods for staying safe, including:

  1. Dropping to your hands and knees: This allows you to move around without being knocked down by the shaking
  2. Covering your head and neck: If possible, it's best to get under a sturdy table or surface
  3. Hold on to your shelter: By doing this, you can keep yourself stable until the earthquake stops

We can teach individuals for $65 per person or a group of 10 or more for $55 per person. Educate your employees with our earthquake training for businesses.