Know What to Do When Someone Isn't Breathing

Book our individual CPR Classes in Milwaukie, OR & The Portland Area

Learning CPR isn't just necessary for those in the medical field. It's a useful skill for everyone to have. Emergency Response Training Services offers both group and individual CPR classes in and around Milwaukie, OR. Our 2-4-hour classes give all the information you need to keep a person's heart beating until first responders can get to the scene.

Be prepared for the moments that matter most. Get in touch with our instructors to sign up for CPR classes for businesses.

Go through our course with ease

It doesn't just take the Bee Gees to keep someone stayin' alive. You need formal training to learn the rhythm of chest compressions, the correct technique for rescue breaths and how to operate an AED. While some other individual CPR classes can take up to eight hours, our courses run through the information quickly and efficiently.

Our prices are $65 for individuals or $55 per person for groups of 10 or more people. Call 503-351-4385 today to sign up for our CPR classes for businesses.